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Thread: Can't get the New Entry Definition "FAMILY" Template

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    ssoldini NNTP User

    Can't get the New Entry Definition "FAMILY" Template


    I'm Trying to create a New entry Definition form to create tasks in a folder where I need to add some custom fields for each created task.

    The problem is that when I choose "Folder" - "Form/View Designers", later "New" - "Entry Definitions", no matter what Entry Family I choose, allways I got the same "template" with the next fields:

    - Title
    - Guest
    - Description
    - Attachments
    - Buttons

    For me, those are the fields for a "File" Entry family type and not for a "Task" Entry family type.

    I had logged into the system as administrator, and opened the "Form/View Designers", "Entry Definitions", and looked into the "Task entry (_taskEntry), and looked so much different, with so much more fields like:

    Due Date (start_end)
    Assigned to
    Completed %

    Is very difficult to create all those fields from the scratch, I think there must be a way to create a "New Entry Definition" taking the "tasks" fields template...is there a way to do that?....

    To check if my system installation wasn't the problem, I logged into vibe.novell.com and tried to create a new task entry definition, and got the same template.

    Thank you in advance!
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