I ran the latest updates on both a SLES11 XEN Server and OES11SP1 VM running on this XEN server. After this, I lost two important items. When nss loads on the OES11SP1 I get an error loading one of the nss modules and ISCSI also failed on this machine connecting two 2 drives on the XEN server. I had to remove the ISCSI from the XEN server to get the utilization down from 100%. Re-installing it gave a host of scripting errors, so at the present I am unable to attach to the ISCSI drives from the OES11SP1 server.(uninstalled the iSCSI from the server)

To check out the nss problem, I re-installed a backup of the OES11SP1 vm before the updates (March 2013), and nss loaded correctly, although it would not connect back to the iSCSI drives on the XEN server. I then ran the updates, and lo and behold, I got the same nss errors as before.

It looks like the kernel updates are behind the problems when running both the the XEN serve,r and also OES11SP1 vm under XEN.

If I recall, something like this has happened before.

Anyone got any ideas?