Hi all: Hoping you can help me understand how MAK and KMS licensing work together. I have a good basic understanding but I am uncertain how MAK and KMS keys work together. I have a KMS server running and it is validating licenses for our Windows servers as we are above the 5 server threshold.

Currently I am working on a slow roll-out of Windows 7 and want to use the KMS server for validation too. However, I am faced with the 25 workstation threshold which I will not make for some time. We do have MAK keys as well (50 total) so I can use these to activate against, but I am not sure how to do this. When I sysprep my Win7 image, I set the KMS server up in the unattend.xml file. But I will also need to use the MAK keys too. If I add the MAK key in a post imaging script, will it register with MS automatically using the MAK or will it continue to try to use the KMS server? I have read that once we hit the threshold, the MAK licensed machines will automatically convert over to KMS and supposedly give back the used MAK. Is this really how it works?

Thanks for the help, Chris.