Hi all: I seem to be posting a lot lately as I grind through my first Win7 image. I have read many posts concerning the use of VMware as the source of image creation, mainly due to the "snapshot" feature. Currently it takes me about 1.5 hours to create a new sysprep image while I test mostly due to having to reload the non-prep'ed image everytime I want to test someting new. I am interested in doing this but I have a few questions.

1. I tried creating a virtual machine and then install an existing Win7 base image onto it. But this results in a BSOD. Given this failure, do I need to install a fresh Win7 system int eh VM and use it as my image source?

2. All of our Win7 workstations are now setup to use AHCI on the SATA ports. Which type of disk should the VM use, SCSI or IDE? Or does it not matter? (PS - I will not be installing any VM drivers into the image.)

3. When it is time to create the image file, including sysprep'ing, are there any "tricks" I need to know about?