First - sorry, this should be posted to "NDPS-NEPS" but the forum link for that topic leads here; if there is still an NDPS-NEPS forum, "can't get thar from here".

In a corporate environment, where users are printing to many printers both via NDPS as well as IP & Windows print services ... is there any way to determine who (what systems or users) are printing via NDPS? i.e. I am looking for a printer history on printers that don't retain history (like small laserjets & such), to see which systems or users are still relying on NDPS.

I can't add any software to the workstations or change the existing configurations to make get this information; I need a way to tell who is printing via NDPS -now-. And the issue isn't whether there are any NDPS printers installed to the workstations, but rather which ones are actually using printers that way.

One admin has suggested reviewing the deleted files in the queue directories, which might show the owners -- i.e. who has generated those jobs. But it seems to me that there must be a way to capture printing history; I just can't find it! Looking via NRM, I don't see history other than job counts, which at least would indicate which printers are still actually being used.

Any suggestions? I feel like I'm missing something obvious.

Also, does anyone know: if NDPS is shut down & Windows 7 workstations still have NDPS printers installed, will this cause any stalling or other disruption when users open Printers & Devices, or will Win7 just see those printers as not available?