Hi all: This is a new one to me. I have a simple install bundle which copies down files needed for LibreOffice in order to make company-wide standard settings. This bundle has worked well for many years going back to our OpenOffice days. But now I have had to modify it to take into account Win7 64-bit machines which installs LibreOffice into C:\Program Files (x86). I have essentially duplicated all actions and then set each action requirement to run if it is x86 or x64.

Now when I go to run the bundle I get this error message I have never seen before: CachedItemError (bundle_name). Thinking this make be a corrupt local zmd cache I logged out, deleted the cache, and then back in. But still no joy. I then disabled each step one at a time, refreshed the workstation, and reran the bundle but always get the same error.

So, any suggestions as to what I have done wrong? Thanks, Chris.