Hi all: I have just begun the limited testing phase of our Windows 7 roll-out. One thing that has come up right away is bundle installations for non-admin (novell) users. I have several msi install bundles that were created via Admin Studio on Windows XP. I can install them without issue if I log into the test computer (full admin account) but they will not install for a "standard user" account which (full local admin privileges). Unfortunately the error message is less than helpful:

- Error installing NVu_1_Repackaged.msi. Fatal error during installation.

I can't see WHY they won't install for a standard but I am guessing it is a Windows 7 thing I don't fully understand. Can someone show me the light? Thanks a bunch, Chris.

PS. I was pleasantly surprised that the old msi bundles, when they do install, install to the correct C:\Program Files (x86) directory even though the original xp installation placed them in C:\Program Files.