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Thread: Working/Sharing with NetFolders

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    Working/Sharing with NetFolders

    Hi, We're trialling Filr with the 'small deployment' OVF VM appliance and have noticed some 'quirks' with workflow, that hopefully someone can shed some light on...

    Firstly; Filr seems to be setup correctly, AD LDAP import is all good, Users can authenticate OK, Can sync files to and from their own "My Files" storage no problem using Windows and OS X desktop clients.

    We have a shared folder (Win2K8R2 SMB/CIFS) setup as a NetFolder.
    Users can browse the NetFolder via the web interface OK.
    Users can upload files to the NetFolder via the web interface OK.

    Now... We have set the NetFolder's Data Synchronisation setting to FALSE because we do not want users sucking down the whole folder to their desktops but we do want them to be able to share/edit individual files. OK.

    As such, User A, can share a file from the NetFolder (via web interface) to User B .. User B can edit the file on their desktop, sync it, and it appears modified on the Netfolder.. OK!

    However, How does User A work on the file themselves?

    You cannot share the file with yourself.
    You can "Copy" the file to your "My Files" storage and it will sync to the client, but when you modify it, it fails to upload and the Recent Activity log in the Filr client reports "Failed to upload My Files/filename.txt to the server." (Tested on OS X client)

    The only way I can see is to download and upload the file via the browser .. i.e. the LONG way. This seems stupid and defeats the whole purpose of a sync client.

    NetFolders need a "check out" feature or be allowed to share with yourself etc.
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