Hi All
I'm having an issue where I've created a number of Net Folders on Windows servers which all share seemingly correctly, but if I attempt to open a file within one of the folders I get an Access is Denied style message.
So Net Folder Server 1
- Share A
- Share B
- FileA.txt
IN the browser 'opening' File A returns:
"File error: Cannot execute [getContentLength] on the resource [ShareB\FileA.txt] - Access is denied"
or within the iOS app
Novell Filr
You do not have rights to perform this action.

Access is based on group membership and the group works correctly within the Windows desktop mapping.
I can obviously read all of the folders and files from a directory listing perspective but I just can't do anything else.
The Filr LDAP account has full control of the share and the NTFS security so I'm not sure where else to check.
I'm sure I've missed something obvious but I'm in that 'looking at something too long' state.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks