I started playing around with the zman bc commands and I have a good understanding on it works.

We recently merged from OES2 to OES11 and in turn we need to tweak our images to contain the new Novell Client installs to reference the new server; e.g. Default server from "siege" to "pfc" ; Default server from "mac-vm" to "mac"

That being said, I exported one of the bundles I created and made sure everything was changed over, except for the part when I get to the actions which check for an existing registry value, and once found, changes the "String" value to something else.

So..if HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\Location Profiles\Services\{1E6CEEA1-FB73-11CF-BD76-00001B27DA23}\Default\Tab1\Server is <siege>, then make sure it's <pfc>

When I open up my .XML file, I noticed that the section to make this change is the following:


Notice that the Data field is the converted value from pfc to AHAAZgBj

Does anyone know which "base" or conversion method I need to use to enter the appropriate value for the XML parser to import the correct string value? I tried inputting the value "pfc" but it didn't work, it returned me an error. Is there something other than "Data" that I can use? I've looked online but can't find any good examples.

Thanks to anyone that can help...I'd rather not have to manually build each bundle since I've got 34 I need to make.