I have had a sysprep system in place to do 3 auto-logins, essentially eliminating the need to intervene during the imaging process. This had been working flawlessly until we moved on to 11.2.3a and still to 11.2.3a MU1

Here are the steps I have running:

1) base image does not contain the ZCM agent; addon image for specific machine types have the .EXE in a subfolder; if I need to update my agent in an image, I just update my addon image with the new .EXE

2) after imaging is done and system reboots, the computer will automatically log into Windows (autologin 1) and "runonce" the ZCM agent from the subdirectory

3) the computer will auto-reboot after approximately 10mins and then auto-login and do its ZENworks thing (i.e. the window that appears in the top left; looking for ISD or creating it, configuring it, etc). Once this is completed, the computer reboots

4) the computer then auto-login (3rd time) but sits at the ZCM agent splash screen. Before 11.2.3a, if you left it there, it would eventually time out and just log into the machine and run my Novell Client Install bundle for the workstation location. Since 11.2.3a, after about 2mins of sitting at the ZCM login prompt, Windows shows up a "force shutdown" popup which then reboots the computer and never installs the Novell client, which then forces me to log in workstation only with my admin account and ZCM runs the novell client bundle

If I happen to "cancel" the ZCM login prompt and avoid the shutdown command, during the novell client install I will see a message popup telling me that ZENworks made some adjustments and will need to reboot

How can I avoid the agent from rebooting the computer while sitting at the ZCM agent login prompt? This is crucial to our deployment method and previous to 11.2.3a it worked without a hitch. What is going on in the background and what can I do to avoid it?

I was looking at the system update configuration tab, but I'm unsure if this will help me since the agent is installed from scratch (not run through the system update)

Anyone else run into this issue, or similar?


p.s. we upgraded to 11.2.3a MU1 in the hopes that it would help, but it's still an issue