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Thread: Imaging engine freeze Lenovo Edge E431

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    Imaging engine freeze Lenovo Edge E431

    We have a batch of about 115 brand new Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E431 laptops. Im trying to boot from the zenworks 10.3.4 bootcd and upload an image. Simply booting from the CD, selecting manual mode, typing img, selecting "Make Image", typing server and name etc, and everytime the laptops freeze. Have tried this on 3 of the new laptops.

    When in the imaging engine screen, selecting System Information-Detected Hardware, it looks like everything was detected correctly. Primarily the NIC, hard drive, and hard drive controller have all been detected and drivers installed.

    They do get a valid IP address and can ping the server.

    The same 'freezing' happens whether we try to restore an image, or multicast to it. And its almost instant as soon as the restore or make image process starts. We see the progress bar, then freeze.

    (edit) I should add that, we've imaged like this hundreds of times, and other machines (Dell's) are working fine right now.

    (edit 2) After waiting long enough, one of the laptops just gave "Unknown error code: -1"

    Any ideas? perhaps a bios setting?
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