Hi Forum.

I'm importing Mail into an account and every time I ran into the following error when the ofuser DB file size hit the 2gb.

POA Log:
10:05:37 F403 The database function 44 reported error [820D] on userq4f.db
10:05:37 F403 Error: File size is too large [820D] User:$USER ($USER)
GWcheck log:
STRUCTURAL VERIFICATION of database /media/nss/$DIR/ofuser/userq4f.db
Error 42- Invalid database - truncated to 0 bytes
Suggestion- No direct recovery possible. Attempt to recover file from external backup.
If no backup exists, request explicit structural rebuild from Admin and the
database will be replaced by valid empty database, to allow re-create.
However, all data previously contained in the database will be lost!
It seems to me that there is a limitation somewhere but I don't get exact information where?
I found nothing about the 820D in the error code documentation...

Someone experienced this ever? Can someone explain that?

Thanks in advance,