I had a question that was answered by Shaun in an earlier post that I now have a follow up question to. In that post I had asked how to reference both x86 and x64 file versions to determine whether the GroupWise bundle I had would deploy out to the end user or not. I am now wanting to modify this a little to do the following.

I have the GroupWise Install bundle assigned to a set of groups as need for deployment. Not all of my computers should have the app but I want the app to deploy to those groups as needed.
Currently the Requirements are to check for the existence of the grpwise.exe file and that it is at the desired version. This would be for both x86 and x64. With Shaun's explanation of how this should function this is working great. But I would like to have an added requirement that if the grpwise.exe file doesn't exist at all to deploy the bundle as well. I was hoping to keep this to a single bundle deployment instead of creating a new one just for initial deployment.

My question is whether I can add to the requirements tab another set of "If grpwise.exe does not exist" then deploy with the already if exist and is below a set version level deploy. I don't want to mess up my current bundle if this wouldn't work like I would like it to. I am just not sure how many requirement sets with the "or" operation I can have with a bundle.

Thanks for the assistance.