I've done some searching on the interwebs and coming up with nothing. here's the story...

On a few of our servers (yes its happening on more then one) when you go into iManager and select pools, normally when it loads your first pool is highlighted and you can make changes or click a different pool - right? well what I see is that all 5 of our pools are highlighted and you can't click on any pool or change anything. If you click on devices, you see "sda" which for us is our boot stuff, then you see "sdb" - if you click on sdb it wants you to "initialize the disk now this is where the current running NSS pools are so - NO I'm not clicking that.

Has anyone ever seen this? Its on OES2 sp2

If you use NSSMU - when you go under pools and hit F3 to expand - it just exits to the main NSSMU screen.... I'm out of ideas