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Thread: Find Contacts does not search email addresses

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    Find Contacts does not search email addresses

    Groupwise 2012 (12.0.2) 26/3/2013
    Windows XP and Windows 7
    Cache and Online Mode

    The Groupwise 2012 doco (7.1.2.) says

    To provide search criteria:

    Open the Contacts folder.

    Click Find > In Contacts.

    Select the types of contacts you want to search for: contact, group, resource, or organization.

    Specify information related to the display name, email address, last name, first name, organization, department, or category of the contact you want to find, then click OK.

    In our experience, only the name (or partial) is being searched or the full email address is searchable. For example joe.blow@ucb.co.uk will not the found if I search for uk. If I search for Joe, it will be found.
    Also noted that joe.blow is searchable, but nothing after the '@'.
    I have users despairing that they can't find contacts based on partial information.
    Id this a bug or working as intended?

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