We have inherited a network comprising:

Netware 6.5 sp8 as dhcp server
Several VLANS
Each subnet has been configured with an IP address of the preboot server,
boot server name and boot file
In the past a linux server has been used as the pxe/preboot server.

I've been attempting to configure ZCM 11.2.2 on windows to replace the
preboot/imaging in this environment.

I've hit some snags getting pxe and tftp to work.

Snag 1: Other Netware DHCP environments I've seen do not have the subnet
options added for pxe boot IP, pxe server name and boot file name.
In this environment I have had to add those items in order to get anything
in ZCM to work.

Question1: Has anyone seen this before? How can I get around having to pout
the ZCM server IP, name and boot file name into the DHCP as in other

Snag 2: On one subnet pxe and tftp appear to work correctly but on some
machines when the exiting Intel pxe item comes up, rather than the
workstation booting to windows I get:

"Network not found
Please check your network connection and try again by pressing the power

Even if I hit the escape key and cancel preboot right at the start I still
get the same network not found error.

Question 2: Anyone see this and know how to fix it?

Snag 3:

On another subnet, pxe appears to work but exits just after the F8 for a
menu of boot server prompt appears rather than going on through to the check
the preboot policy piece.
Even so, I can get into manual imaging mode by pressing ctrl-alt when the F8
bit appears.

Question 3: Does anyone know what's going on here? I don't understand why on
one subnet the preboot can get right through the pxe and appears to exit
normally (even thought it does not allow the workstation to continue and
boot) but on another subnet it exist out before it completes the process.