Im in the process of building a completely new Zenworks 11 management zone. Im starting everything from scratch. In this setup only applications will be deployed to the workstations, everything else, policies, etc, will come from Active Directory.

We currently have relatively flat network with a 20mb link between two main campuses. This link will be upgraded to 1Gb very shortly.

Ive built a primary server but now Im I bit confused as to whether I should build a satellite server, setup up for content and authentication, or a second peer primary server, to be placed on the other side of the link. We currently have a Zen 7 setup that doesnt really have the satellite concept, we put a primary server on each side of the link, essentially all our servers are identical and the database is synchronised across all servers.

If I build another primary does that mean there will be two databases that synchronise to each other? Currently Ive used the built in internal database, would I need to make it external for this to work? The documentation says that all primary servers added to the system act as a peer to the primary server and write to that primary server database, what happen if the primary server stops working?

Does having two primaries add any redundancy?

On paper my brain says to use a satellite but my gut tells me to use a primary.

Any thoughts on whether I should build a satellite or primary for the other side of the link would be much appreciated