Good day all, I'm having an issue when trying to run the initial configuration of the Filr Appliance.
Setting up a Large Installation, MySQL database is up and running, Search Appliance configuration successful, have shared storage configured as per the documentation on a separate NFS server. That's all good.
When I fire up the main appliance, and run through the initial setup, all appears to be good (I can enter paths to both the database and search appliance), I select the main appliance language then click Finish.
It appears as though the Database is configured, then the process moves onto "Reconfiguring Appliance", then ultimately give me a message across the top of the screen indicating "Reconfigure of Appliance has failed", and I have no option to get out of the initial configuration. I've verified the checksums on the appliance downloads just in case there was something wrong there, that's ok.

What error logs can I check to see what the issue is? All appliances and NFS server are using the same time sync source, are all on the same subnet with external network access. The potential user access is way to large to deploy a small installation for my organization, so I do need a Large Install at least.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Any help as always is appreciated! I had a trial small deployment working, and there is considerable interest in getting this running sooner than later.