We have a key existing process which could be described as a member of one organization sends a work request to a different organization. The first organization has a manager assigned to this job. The second organization assigns a lead engineer to the job. These two people negotiate a target completion date. Throughout this the job moves through various workflow states. In a number of cases after the job is in progress, circumstances change that might require the target to be renegotiated. However for the sake of various metrics, the original target has to be maintained and the job cannot be moved out of the in-progress state.

This process was implemented using the SiteScape forum product about 7 years ago. The way we dealt with this issue in forum was to have a custom reply type to revise the target date. That reply type has its own workflow which uses a workflow question to which both the manager and the lead engineer respond. Those people are designated in the parent record.

When implementing this in Vibe, it appears that although it looks like you can designate those fields as the responders in the workflow, it does not work. I am assuming that it is because there is no way for the system to know that it is supposed to be those field values in the parent record.

I suppose that it would be possible to re-engineer this process in some way that might be more compatible but then I would be left with over 30 thousand records of critical importance that could not be migrated to a new Vibe based system.

What I really need is a way to tell the system that these values are on the parent record.

Any thoughts or help doing this would be appreciated.