We updated to 11.2.0 from 11.1.x a long time ago, but never followed
through on all the clients.

At some point, 11.2.1 was applied to the server and maybe 20% of the

Later still, the rest of the 11.1.x clients were updated to 11.2.0. But
the server didn't baseline 11.2.0.. and of course not 11.2.1.

Subsequently, 11.2.1 was deleted from the updates. 11.2.0 is still there.

We want to get to 11.2.3a, and I think the proper way to do that is to
deploy as normal, and follow through on all the clients. Just not sure
what to expect as far as base-lining 11.2.3a and what to do with 11.2.0.
Should I delete the 11.2.0 update once 11.2.3a is done? Should I expect
it to ever baseline?