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Thread: GroupWise recovery from cached mailbox?

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    GroupWise recovery from cached mailbox?

    GroupWise recovery challenge

    - GroupWise 8.02 (NetWare 6.5sp8)
    - Separate NSS Mail Pool with one Volume for Groupwise (single POA/MTA)
    - Mailarchives are on seperate DATA volume
    - Backup : dont ask

    Situation: As a result of a hardware failure NSS MAIL pool and volume was lost
    We had to edit the NSS startup to avoid it trying to load, after that the server runs again, without GW.
    It was decided to move from GW8 NetWare to GW2012 on OES 11 in the proces (new tree)
    Created a brand new GW2012 sp2 systeem
    Modified all the FID's from the users in this system to the values of the old system
    copied the old gwarchives to the new server
    We were able to open these archives from the users mailbox (to discover that it was a year old, as it was archived per year.)

    Now: Under a certain USER thre were about more than 100 shared subfolders with specific customer info. It seems to be lost.

    This user now presents empty non shared folders from its archive.

    Now the question. On one laptop all this shared folders are still present with al its contents in a locally cached mailbox. Not as the folder owner but a a user. So everything is still there.

    Is the a way to get this info back into the new GW system ?
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