I want to evaluate GW 2012 as an internet mail client, which connects to GMail using POP / SMTP.

After installing the GW 2012 client, I start up GW, but it doesn't seem to be able to connect with GMail. It 'hangs' on an info. box which reads either, "Connecting to Post Office Agent at pop.googlemail.com:0995", or "Connecting to Post Office Agent at smtp.googlemail.com:0465" (depending on the address I enter in the GW startup dialog).

Is the GW 2012 client able to function as a standalone internet mail client ? Does GW need to first connect to a GW Post Office account ? Is there some other way to get into the GW client and configure it ? Other clients (Notes R9, Outlook, Thunderbird) are able to connect directly to GMail.