in my DLL which handles GroupWise tokens, I'm using the "Find" method of an "AddressBookEntries" object of the GroupWise Object API with the following filter expression:

(Name MATCHES "John Smith")

In GroupWise <= 8 the "Find" method returns a addresses collection containing only the addresses that match the filter expression, regardless of the type of the address book.
In GroupWise 2012 the same filter expression returns all addresses from the "AddressBookEntries" object of a personal address book. The filter seems to be ignored!

In a standalone application all valid filters works fine, regardless of the type of the address book.

The problem occurs only under the following conditions:

1. DLL which handles GroupWise tokens
2. Filter = (Name Matches "...")
=> (<First Name> MATCHES "John") or (<Last Name> MATCHES "Smith") works
3. Personal address books

Is this a bug in GroupWise 2012 or is there a way to work around this problem?

Best regards