Hi all: With the help of many, I have my Win7 imaging up and running, albeit not as smoothly as I would like. I have created my image in VMWare Workstation and I DID NOT install the VMWare helper tools.

Here is my issue. After the imaging work is complete (images include the sysprep'ed win7 base, drivers, Novell software and scripts images) the computer begins it's post imaging work. This proceeds without issue and the computer reboots a few times before actually getting started with my scripting. My first script installs all the Novell software including ZCM client 11.2.3a. That this point the system reboots and enters post-zcm client install process of restoring ZIS info, etc.. This machine will have a blank Windows background at this point. While doing this work the machine ends up spontaneously rebooting without warning and then begins the post-zcm client work a second time. This second session ends properly with the "reboot message" appearing. This appears to only happen on one particular model of HP workstations, namely Z200s. Our Elite 8100, 8200 and 8300's do not behave this way. All share the same base image.

The upshot off all this is my reboot count is off by one for the Z200s. I took a look at the Event log to see if it may contain some info. The only thing that jumped out is a secedit error.

Hope someone can help me solve this issue. Thanks a bunch, Chris.