Hi guys! I was hoping I could get some help on this because I am stumped.

We are currently in the process of moving from Windows XP with Windows 7. I have the image all setup and running for the most part, except for a few little bugs. Some of which I need to get rid of before I can deploy windows 7.

So the issue I am most concerned about right now is this. I have the latest version of the novell client installed. I can login with no issue, but if I log off then try to login as a different user for the first time, the Novell login succeeds but then a windows login (i think its from windows) screen appears asking for a userID and password, then below it is says "Change your Windows password to match your Novell password after a successful login." Now I have tried turning this off in the novell client settings, but then the same login screen opens just without that option. Am I missing a setting here that im not aware of? Help would be most appreciated, thanks!