I have a 6 node OES 2 sp3 cluster that is generally working well. We are moving to Windows 7 workstations without the Novell client. So far, our two main NSS volumes seem to be working fine with that but are accessed via IP address. I need to get the workstations seeing the CIFS shares with the same name as the Novell client sees. For example:

Novell NSS path:
\\name-lc-share1\share1\share\ is mapped to S:\

My Win 7 systems see:
\\\share1\share\ just fine and in fact also map that to S:\. The problem is only accessing the CIFS via name.

But in Win 7 if there is a link with the NSS path, it doesn't work, it can't find the share name. In doing a novcifs -sln share1, I see the server name is "name-node1_w". So I created an cname in DNS pointing that to name-lc-share1 and it still fails.

What am I doing wrong with the config? There are 2 shares on the cluster I need users to access and they may run on any of the 6 nodes. They generally don't ever get migrated but sometimes they do. And it's going to be a slow rollout of updated Win 7 clients, so I need to make sure our XP machines with the Novell client still work as well.

Any ideas?

Todd Bowman
Senior Network Analyst
University of Minnesota Physicians