Ok I will explain my situatioon as best as I can. I am new to Novell

I am build my first OES11 box
I create VM with 16GB memory and 500GB Hard dsk

I want to setup 100GB for linux side
and 400GB as nss volume called FILES

after install I see the following in EXPERT PARTITIONR in yast2

/dev/sda 500 GB VMware-Virtual disk
/dev/sda1 2 GB Linux Native Ext3 /boot
/dev/sda2 2 GB Linux swap swap /swap
/dev/sda3 80 GB Linux Native Ext3 /
/dev/sda4 400 GB Linux LVM

BUT when i go imanager -> storage -> devices
is see sda

capacity 500GB
used 480GB
Free Space 16GB

and try build nss pool i get 16GB free

i cannot use the 400GB

looks like when i add 2GB /boot 2GB swap 80GB / 400GB Linux LVM i get it
equl 484GB so remain from 500GB is 16GB

I do not understand why i did not get to select 400

can someone explain?

thank you very much