I find myself needing to set up Active Directory for the first time in our network.

I understand that my Domain Controllers will want to create lots of DNS resource records (like SRV records).

I'm not sure I'm ready to tackle DSfW.

Nor do I want to rely heavily on Windows DNS. We're comfortable with Novell DNS.

I've heard many organizations create a separate DNS zone for AD. Like, if your existing domain is myschool.org, you create ad.myschool.org. Is that still considered a solid plan?

If so, can someone give me specifics on how to do that? I've seen lots of terms thrown around, like "Active Directory Integrated DNS," "Secondary Zone," "Dynamic DNS" and "Zone Transfer." I'm having trouble putting them all together.

Should I install Windows DNS at all on my Domain Controller?
If I create a new zone ad.myschool.org, should it be a primary or secondary zone?
What sort of records (A, NS, PTR) do I need to create manually?
Is the Control List "Allow Update" the same as Dynamic DNS?
For the Domain Controller to create the records it needs in ad.myschool.org, what config changes should I perform in iManager (or the DNS/DHCP console)?

Thanks so much for any assistance you can provide.

P.S. The only reason we need AD now is because it is a requirement for Windows Server clustering. So, although reliability is important, our AD domain members will only be Windows Servers, and I don't expect there will be much ongoing DNS activity from our Domain Controller(s).

P.P.S Our primary and secondary DNS servers are currently NetWare 6.5/OES, but will soon become SLES/OES.