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Thread: Setup a new sytem with GroupWise 2012

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    Unhappy Setup a new sytem with GroupWise 2012


    I need some step by step guidance on how to install GroupWise 2012 on a Windows Server. I would like to do this on Linux, but I do not know Linux. So, I would like to set it up on a Windows 2008 R2 computer system.

    I have tried to install GroupWise 2012 on Windows 2008 Server R2 with eDirectory, but I am such a novice at this that I haven't been successful in getting eDirectory installed. When I thought I had it installed, I could not get GroupWise to see eDirectory, and I was not able to access mail. My settings for tree and context are most likely wrong.

    So, I need to start with a test environment and I am hoping to get guidance from this forum. I hope that you don't mind walking me through the very basic steps in getting eDirectory installed correctly, and then a basic GroupWise 2012 system. I have referred to the eDirectory PDF file and it assumes that the reader knows about Novell's directory structure, which I do not.

    If you have some basic steps on how to setup eDirectory, and then GroupWise 2012 on a Windows 2008 server computer, I would appreciate your feedback. I will use your settings for my test environment. Please spell out a tree, a context, a domain and post office name; anything you can so that I can see what it needs to look like. Once I get it up and running and then study it, I should be able redo the steps with my own configuration.

    The tree and context can be test names, and I ask for examples of what they can look like. The server can be named anything. My 2008 server's internal IP address, the one I will use for GroupWise 2012, will be

    Thanks in advance,
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