I have been troubleshooting an OES2 SP3 install
The DSFW server works fine
The ndsd_dsfw_healthchk script runs fine


xadcntrl VALIDATE fails with :
"Checking for Samba SMB Daemon : Running
Could not get info for user

(all the services are up and running)

I traced the script to the Provision.sh script - specifically the
GetLocalDomainName procedure

This function :
/usr/bin/ldapsearch -b "cn=users,$DOMAIN_NC" -s one objectsid -Y
EXTERNAL -LLL 2>/dev/null| sed ' /^ / {; H; d; }; /^ /! {; x; s/\n //;
}; '| grep "$ADMINISTRATOR_SID" -B2 | grep "dn: " | awk -F "dn: "
'{print $2}'`

Instead of returning : cn=Administrator,cn=Users,o=abc
it returned all the objects in the Users Container
cn=Cert Publishers,cn=Users,o=abc
cn=DHCP Administrators,cn=Users,o=abc
.... etc - 19 objects in all

Any help would be appreciated