I got an strange issue with Trustees in Netware 6.5.
I got a Citrix Farm (XanApp6.0, Win2008R2) with installed Novell Client (Novell Client 2 SP1 IR4, the only one which worked for us in Citrix) and activated TSClientAutoAdminLogon (main authentication towards Active Directory).

The issue: after some hours of working, user “lost” their permissions to folders and get “new” permissions to other folders. Nothing is changed with their user object in Netware. No relogin was made. In 1 minute they can work with a folder, 1 minute later they can’t, but see folders at which they don’t have any permissions.
After a complete relogin, everything is as it should, but hours later the issue appears again.

Did someone got this phenomenon in the past? Maybe the Novell Client cause the problem, but we’ve tested a lot of versions and this one was the first for Win2008R2 with the fewest problems. Perhaps they “jump” on a session of other users end get their permissions, I don’t know. I’ve searched the internet for hours for a solution.

Thanks a lot.