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Thread: Assign Bundles to OUs / Folders from User Source

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    Assign Bundles to OUs / Folders from User Source


    Is it recommended/best practice to assign bundle deployment to an OU (showed as a Folder) from the User Source?

    I've done some tests using Active Directory and eDirectory OUs and it seems that works.

    I've looked for it in the documentation https://www.novell.com/documentation...a/bs8c8lh.html and my doubt appears with this information:

    Bundles assigned through a folder (device folder or user folder).
    So, could I assign to a high-level OU (or folder, as ZCC shows) and the bundle will be available for all users inside this OU and subOUs? Or it will be only available for the users inside this OU and not down levels?

    We're thinking in how to assign in an easy way all bundles in our organization: user assignment, group assignment or OUs and inherit this bundles using our structure in LDAP Source (from our point of view, the easy way).

    Thank you

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