I work for a prosecutors office. I have tape backups going back years. Our office policy does not require that we be able to search thru old mailbox's of users that left years ago and whose user object was deleted years ago but a defense attorney has gone to the court and is requesting this information now. I created a test server in a test tree and restored the directory structure from tape to this server. I can start the po agent on the test server and open up a users mailbox, who was deleted years ago... if they never created a groupwise password. The test server is not connected to our production network. Is there a way to change the groupwise password with out connecting to or installing a replica of our production eDirectory on the test server? It's frustrating because it's very simple to get to the point where I can read an old users mailbox, but only if they never had a password. I wish there was a utility or command that could clear the password when just the groupwise directory structure was available.