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Thread: Remote uploads slow for NetStorage

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    Remote uploads slow for NetStorage


    I know that uploads speeds can be effected by so many factors including internet connections, specific hardware/software configurations of the server, etc.
    However, I've got to start somewhere and so I'm starting with the configuration of the web access to NetStorage.
    Internally, (on the same LAN as the NetStorage server), when I use Internet Explorer or an FTP Client, the upload speeds are considerably faster.
    How fast? I tested a 62 MB file and to upload it while on the same LAN as the server it took less than 5 seconds.
    At a remote site, (actually, I did the upload from home), it took about 12 minutes!

    I have a remote user that can't upload a 14 MB file, (but I think part of it is that they give up due to nothing happening on the screen during the upload to let them know it is working).

    I noticed when the upload starts on the LAN the upload screen shows the percentage of completion for the upload.
    And, from home it just doesn't show anything and the only way of knowing that the file has been uploaded is the upload screen closes.

    I tried with admin rights and still no improvements.

    I welcome all suggestions (except, "Hey buddy, find a new job!" )

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