I'm currently running Zenworks Adaptive Agent 11.2.3a. We are trying to get our Light-touch imaging to work with Windows 8 Enterprise x86. The imaging portion works and begins installing the Pre Agent. The Pre Agent installs successfully and installs the 60 give or take components of the Adaptive Agent. That phase finishes and reboots the machine successfully. Our PreAgent deployment package does not contain registration keys or any primary servers. During the next boot we have a powershell script that launches and finishes the configuration.

The Zenworks portion of the script is as follows:
zac reg -k PSDHS -u administrator -p ###### https://psdzw01.polytech.local
Start-Sleep 10
zac ref
Start-Sleep 10
zac bin "PSD Applications - All Computers"
zac bin "PSD Applications - Tablet"
Nothing complicated. This script works on Windows 7 Professional x64 and x86.

However, on a Windows 8 Enterprise x86 workstation as soon as the "zac reg" function is called, the system goes into the silly-looking BSOD and reboots. I log back in and check the registration information in the Zen Agent and it shows up "Unconfigured". I try the zac reg command manually and Windows crashes again. I've tried this on a few different installations and get the same results every time the agent attempts to register to a server.

Any ideas?