Hello Everyone,

I am running into some problems with Windows 8 Pro and Novell Client SP3 (ir2). The problem is when I log in with a user (doesn't matter which one) the user, their context, and server are all found quickly and correctly. Then for some reason the login process hangs on "Logging in to network" it will sit there for 1 to 2 min then finally display the local windows login (NAL has not been setup yet so no dynamic login). All drives map correctly. One trick I have found that seems to work is to enter the username, hit tab, click on the "advanced" link (this displays all correct information), then enter the password and log in. When I do this it does not hang up on the "logging in to network" part.

I have tried many settings for LDAP, local windows users, registry settings, updates, etc.

Has anyone run into this kind of behavior with Windows 8 Pro and Novell Client SP3 (ir2).