Hi There,

I was google about sysprep and novell client and found the following:

Dangers of using SYSPREP after NICI has been installed

Is it applicable to Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows 7 (IR1a) ?

I migrated all the workstations from XP to Windows 7 x64 Pro 2 months ago and the only problem I had so far is when the password required to be changed we had some problem for the new password to be applied but that's all and it happened with 4 or 5 users out of 40. Would it be because of that?

I plan to upgrade the client but it will not fix the issue if I understand correctly the article (the article mentions to uninstall > safe mode > del nici folder and so on). It will be a real pain if I have to do that for all workstations I've already migrated (40).

Thank you for your time and feedback,