We have been slowly bringing on new ZCM servers at some remote sites. It has been going well except for one particular server. It installed and came up fine, but will not patch to 11.2.3. It shows "Update Assigned" in ZCC. Multiple refreshes and reboots over the last three days have not changed anything. These are the last few lines from loader-messages.log after a refresh:

[DEBUG] [7/19/13 10:38:44 AM] [] [Loader.SystemUpdateModule] [91] [] [FINEST: Got the action. status is: S] [] []
[DEBUG] [7/19/13 10:38:44 AM] [] [Loader.SystemUpdateModule] [91] [] [FINEST: Action has finished. status is: S] [] []
[DEBUG] [7/19/13 10:38:44 AM] [] [Loader.SystemUpdateModule] [91] [] [FINEST: Device has not applied this update (status is : ASSIGNED), will not mark as finished] [] []
[DEBUG] [7/19/13 10:38:44 AM] [] [Loader.SystemUpdateModule] [91] [] [FINEST: ExtractContent action successful] [] []
The system-update log file directory is never created. The update has replicated to this server 100%.

Any ideas what I can do to get this update to kick off properly on this one server? Any other log files I can check?