some recent changes to our Novell DHCP server (separate from ZCM (Proxy DHCP) server) and to our Avaya router have lead to our devices not being able to PXE boot the ZCM Imaging Engine (11.2.3a). They get a valid IP from our DHCP pool and show the Novell DHCP server as DHCP IP and the Avaya router as GATEWAY IP. After that we get "PXE-E77: Bad or missing discovery server list". Isn't the ZCM server supposed to show up as the DHCP IP?

I didn't do those changes but I know that some DHCP Relays (pointing to the Novell DHCP server) were configured for recently created VLANs (for WLAN) and Option 43 was set on our DHCP pool on the Novell DHCP server for the WLAN access points.

Can anybody help me with this?