we're using QuickFinder 5 to index our NSS volumes. I've 1 Default index that should be available for all Virtual Servers. The default index is an index from a directory with subdirectories that are accessable to all our users.

The default index is updated every night. After Updating the index, the index is marked as 'Index exists'. The index log does not contain any errors.

For every department i've created a seperate Virtual Server. The virtual server contains 1 index of the Home directories of the users from that department. It also contains a index from the Office files of that department.

All the Virtual servers also have a 'link' to the Default index. I found this in the manual of QuickFinder. When using the 'Location of index files' field it will reuse the allreay created index. This works oke. Every Virtual Server can serach in the Default index.

But after the Default index had it's nightly Update the Default index is marked as 'Not yet indexed' on all the department Virtual servers.

Is there a way to keep the default index marked as 'Index exists' on all Virtual servers?


Ps. i've allready opened a support call, but Novell does not want to help me, because it is not in the documentation and it's beyond the technical support scope.