First info about my SW versions...
Servers running
ZENworks Configuration Management Version:
All Clients running
ZENworks Adaptive Agent Version: Monthly Update 1

I am currently working on making a bundle to install Adobe CS5.5.

I would like this bundle to be stored in the content repo on the server, so that post imaging zcm can distribute the
content to machines and install the bundle without anyone having to log in.

The problem is I fear the bundle is to large. It ends up being a little over 6gb.

The bundle's install phase is one "Install Directory" (I checked the box "Upload all files within the source directory as a single package") and a bunch of "Launch network MSI" actions that point to the directory that should be installed.

I have the bundle assigned to a test vm, with a distribution schedule of "Now" and the "Install immediately after distribution" box checked.

It appears the content downloads into the local cache during the distribution phase, but then the install phase is wonky.

Sometimes the install phase starts and installs some of the content to the directory it's supposed to go in, but then suddenly goes back to "downloading 1 of 1". Sometimes the install phase never starts, and the status of the bundle just sits at "Downloaded".

Any help that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated!

Taylor Hammerling