When taking an image of a machine via PXE boot, the imaging process whips by the 10GB C:\Persis0.dsk file that is actually the "ThawSpace0" partition mapped to drive V: in the Windows 7 Pro OS. Of "real" data, there's probably about 200MB's worth of files in there. At any rate, even though the file appears as the original 10GB file once the Restore is complete, I cannot access that "V:" drive mapped to the 10GB Thawspace0, as the OS now reports it is corrupted. Running CHKDSK just for fun doesn't help.

When I take an image of the same machine again, but select the "Legacy" checkbox on the PXE screen, then the process seems to pick up that C:\Persis0.dsk file just fine. Currently, I am finishing up taking this 30GB image. Hopefully, the "Legacy" option will have done the trick, but I thought I'd run this past you guys for any opinions...? Thanks!