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Thread: Printers being removed and can't re-add after driver update

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    Printers being removed and can't re-add after driver update

    To clarify the situation:

    Clients: Win7 x64 with 5.64 iPrint client
    iPrint Server: Version 2.1.2 OES2/SP2

    We recently deployed 30 new HP printers across our office, shutting down the old printers and adding the new printers with the same hostname and IPs.

    They worked fine on the existing drivers loaded through iPrint but we went through and updated all the drivers and driver profiles to match the new models. I read up on setting the Auto Driver Update (Support | iPrint Auto Driver Update Feature) and proceeded to check the option for our printers. After doing this it seems a number of users completely lost thier default printer (removed completely) and when I try to re-add it (both web and command line) it just sits, progress bar goes but it never installs.

    I was able to recreate this on my system and it seemed uninstalling the client and reinstalling it along with all the printers seemed to fix the install issue but this isn't a great option for our users.

    My question is, is there a way to reload the client without uninstalling it. At the very least, a log file on the client I can see where it may be getting held up...I checked the log files on the server and they aren't showing any errors.

    Any information would be helpful, thanks!
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