Pulling my hair out .... what am I doing wrong ?

My Server is called OES11-B

GroupWise is installed on a nss volume DATA1 folder called gwsys

I've created a symlink ie.

ln -s /media/nss/ OES11-B

On Linux ConsoleOne I've set \\OES11-B\DATA1\gwsys\gwdom which when I view the properties again shows as /mnt/OES11-B/DATA1/gwsys/gwdom

I can right click the gwdom and connect fine on linux

On Window I've logged in toe the server OES11-B & mapped drive T: to \\OES11-B\DATA1 - root

and using select domain set the path to t:\gwsys\gwdom - and if I go back to select select domain this shows as \\OES11-B\DATA1\gwsys\gwdom

So far so good

now if I select > right-click gwdom in Consoleone > GW system operation > Connect .... I get an error

the following domain database cannot be accesed properly


what have I done wrong ??