Okay, I'm at my wits end. I'm trying to evaluate groupwise 2012 on oes 11 and can't get past console one's login. I've even re-installed the server from scratch and still get errors basically telling me it can't find the login object in nds. I got SLP working so I can find the tree when I use the browse button but still no login, -601s -624 errors. I've used the server's ip address in the tree and context fields and tried full context name in user field.

I'm stuck. This has got to be a simple oversight.

This is where I'm at:
I reloaded the server, no errors.
installed Consoleone from the 2012.0.2 dist.
attempted to log in, no go.
reconfigured SLP, can now browse to the tree, but still no login.

What gives?