We are about to progress a migration from OES2 SP3 to OES 11 SP1 for file services.

We have about 10 servers in the tree with each server running SLES 10SP3/OES2 SP3 and a GroupWise 8.0.2 all on X64 hardware.

To move to OES 11 SP1 the plan is to work our way around the servers and re-use the hardware with a fresh install of OES 11 SP1 back into the tree.

So for each server it would be:

1. Migrate the data to another server in the tree, so the user is not affected (file storage etc).
2. Remove the server from the tree
3. Wipe and reinstall OES11 SP1 and join back into the tree.
4. Move the data back onto the server

then move onto the next server and rinse and repeat.

We plan to end up with all servers as OES 11 SP1 apart from the GroupWise 8 which will remain on OES 2 SP3 until it's upgraded to GroupWise 2012 and OES 11 later on in the year.

The first step is to slot in an OES 11 SP1 to which we can place the master certs on.

So the question is does anybody have any horror stories of mixing OES 11 SP1, OES 2 SP3 and Groupwise 8.0.2 in the same tree?

Tree is healthy but just thought I'd ask to see if there are any pitfalls or workarounds to make things easier.

The files storage is fairly okay the only worry is the impact for GroupWise as I understand OES 11 SP1 might need a schema extension? I posted this in the GroupWise forum as that's my main worry, but perhaps better placed in the OES forum as well...

Many thanks,