Using Zen 11.2.3a.

I have been trying to use the preboot hardware rules on non-registered machines with very little luck.

I have Dell optiplexes(tested so far: DELL opti 360, 380, 760) that don't seem to be using/picking up the hardware rules. So far it seems the ones with Broadcom(b57) drivers are the biggest problems. The 760s which I believe are intel based seem to work ok(or at least have picked up hardware based sessions). I am currently trying a 360 lab and even just applying only an IP rule yields nothing.

The systems boot to PXE pick up an address but after "contacting Novell Preboot Policy Service ... Done" will just exit out of PXE(Exiting Broadcom PXE Rom). Never loading into the linux imaging screen.

Are there any known issues with Broadcom NICs? Or are there problems in general using the hardware rules?

I have updated the BIOS from the original A00 to A07.

I can manually boot into zenworks imaging maintenance and upload or download manually but it will not find an "automated" session.

Im not sure what else to test. The primary servers are virtualized if that makes a difference. The satellite server/workstation hosting the imaging is a normal dell 210(intel based, and not virtual).

Thanks for any help,