I am being a bit over concerned with this but I am trying to see if I can create iPrint printers and have them show up in the Control Panel like they do if you just install the printer Locally.

When using the HP driver for our HP CP5525xh and installing it via the HP utility connecting through ip, the printer installed in the Control panel has a picture properly representing what the printer looks like. I did it this way and then created the printer and driver and profile via imanager and iprint to create an iprint printer.
That worked.
but when I then install that printer to a computer it has a generic looking printer icon on the control panel. So, on a users computer the few network printers they have installed as iprint printers all 'look' the same. They have location specific names but I would really like to see if I can get the proper model specific Icon to go with them as well before I roll out all the new iprint printers on the new computers.

iprint is always fun for a small shop like mine as we don't get to play in the iprint space much. I last set up our stable of printers well over 7 years ago. Like most things Novell, once setup, they just worked.
So here I am again, getting re-aquainted with the finer points of iprint, adding drivers, creating profiles, etc. Always fun.

Anyway, looking to see if I can get the correct pictograms of printers to show up in the Control Panel for Win 7.