Hello All

We have 3 Domains that house a Post Office each (about 800 users each)
All the GW2012 systems are in the same physical office
We have lots of bandwidth between remote offices (100MB + minimum)
Our Ineternet is 100MB

PO1 - 800 +/- Users
PO2 - 800 +/- Users
PO3 - 800 +/- Users

I am thinking of setting up the following to handle about 1500 devices

Setup 2 NEW Domains
Setup 1 NEW Post Office in each domain

PO4 - No Users
PO5 - No Users

NO Users will have a mailbox in these Post Offices. They will stay in
their existing post office (PO1, PO2, PO3)

The only purpose of the NEW Post Offices is to handle the datasync SOAP

setup 2 mobile datasync servers


Have them setup to access both of the NEW Post Offices above (PO4 & PO5)

So I have Jane who has a mailbox in PO2. She is an iPhone User and has
an IPAD too

So I set her up to use Mobile1.company.com

So when her device talks to mobile1, it then speaks to whichever PO4 or
PO5 is free via SOAP? Lets say for now PO4

Then PO4 acts as the middle man between the PO2 mailbox and mobile1

So users' normal GW Clients via port 1677 talk to the Post offices PO1,
And their Devices will have PO4 and PO5 handle their requests to access
their mailboxes in their respective post offices

Am I understanding this correctly?